Flood Detector Alarm

Flood Sensors

Having a smart device to help detect any potential leaking water is paramount to keeping your home safe from flooding damage

Features Include:
Flood and Temperature Sensor
Vivint Monitored Flood
Fast Response
Many Locations
happy facesc

Medical Pendant

Get the peace you deserve knowing there is help there at all times

Features Include:
Medical Alert Button
Mobile freedom a range of 100 feet
24/7 Help When Needed


smoke detector

Smoke Alarms

Fire protection that keeps you safe.

Features Included:
a. Wireless communication
b. Battery powered
c. Built-in transmitter
d. Protects 35 feet around its radius
e. Battery condition reports
f. Works during power outages
g. Emergency button

What happens during a fire?

a. Smart Home will detect smoke.
b. Smart Home will shut off the air flow.
c. Smart Home will unlock all doors.
garage door opener

Garage Door Control

Your garage door can now be controlled from your smart phone.

Features Included: 
a. Mobile access
b. Alerts & notifications
c. Complete security
smart lock

Smart Locks

Use your phone to wirelessly lock or unlock the doors to your home.

Features Included:
a. Mobile lock access
b. Alerts & notifications
c. Protection against unauthorized entry
d. Front door control
e. Three neutral finish options including satin nickel, polished brass, and venetian bronze.

Why Do I Need It?

a. Smart Locks are easy to use.
b. Smart Locks are efficient.
c. Smart Locks give you control over your home no matter where you are.
d. Smart Locks give you peace of mind.
glass break

Burglary Detection

Receive a notification the second an alarm is triggered.

Features Included:
a. Instant Vivint Live Talk with emergency personnel
b. Glass break detection
c. Motion, door, & window sensors for entry detection
d. 24/7 monitoring