Space Monkey

Backs up & stores all your data automatically.

Features Include:
Automatic Back Up
Always with you
Simplify your life

Phillips Hue

Wireless lighting for your home

Features Included:
a. LED light bulbs
b. Voice controls
c. Wireless connections
d. Vivint app
e. Light group coordination

Nest Thermostat

Our thermostat learns your preferences

Features Included:
a. Easy control with the Vivint app
b. Sleek design
c. Mobile control
Vivint Homes

Google Home & Home Mini

Google’s Technology + Vivint’s Technology = Security for the Win!

 Features Included:
a. Quick response & command recognition
b. High-quality audio
c. Far-field voice recognition
d. Bluetooth streaming
Vivint Smart App

Sky Control Panel

A touchscreen that you can use as a telephone.
Features Include:

i. A panic button

ii. User-friendly navigation

iii. A secure, encrypted network

iv. A product protection plan

v. A Wi-Fi connection

Vivint Smart Home App

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Our Security app and home automation system will track your preferences to better understand your needs. Our smart home app is the best on the market.
2. Our Smart Home App will allow you to receive notifications on your cell phone.
3. You can control your thermostat and locks from your phone.